IEC esports Charity Festival

Sep 1, 2021 | IEC Activities

Dear friends, 

Greetings from Brussels & Seoul. 

The one big takeaway from our event was that there was a unanimous big positive public  reaction to our event: “Finally there will be Good Games”. The public consensus was  unanimous. IEC Global HQ with KEC / APIEC are bringing what was missing from the world  of ESPORTS! 

Finally there will be Good Games! 

More than a hundred (112 to be exact) media outlets classic & digital promoted our event. 

Our esports charity festival to celebrate the foundation of the IEC was a massive success. An  extremely impressive feat, especially when we consider the complications, we faced with  COVID-19. 

It was arranged beautifully from KEC and Kim Eok-Kyung, the Secretary General of IEC Global HQ and CEO of KEC. We will give special thanks to the Cho Jung Rae, Chairman of  CPBS as our technical & media sponsor. Furthermore, we would like to thank him also for  helping us with the press release and promotion of the event. We would also like to thank  the musical performers for their incredible Celebratory Performance with Korean traditional  instrumental play.

Furthermore, we would like to thank the Dongsung Highschool & the Esports institute,  Kwangwoon University, the students, and the gamers who participated in the FIFA esports  tournament and became pioneers for youth esports. We would also like to thank the youth  speakers who did a great job voicing their opinions and providing us with their perspectives. 

We would also like to thank Prof. Jung, Hyung-Won, KwangWoon University for his speech on the topic: “Educational Elements in Game” & Prof. Kang, Shin 

Chun, KongJu National University on his speech on the topic: “Games as Educational  Product”. A big thanks also to our two commentators, Yoan Norquier, Yunus Sports Hub Co founder & Kwon, Kyung-Sang, Phd., APIEC Chair 

Also, a special thank you to Professor and Nobel Peace Prize Award Winner, Muhammad  Yunus for participating in our event, it was truly an honour. This event would have never  been possible without the direction of Spiros Pantos the Managing Director of IEC Global  HQ’s. 

Lastly, we would like to thank the founding members and everyone else who attended the  event in person or online, MEP Istvan Ujhelyi, thank you for your attendance.

This event was a big step for IEC. Moving forward we need to quickly set up our global  branches, using KEC and APIEC as a blueprint. It is important that we start setting up these  global branches and create local connections in our respective countries. Furthermore, KEC  will begin working on their next event. 

We have also been presented with the opportunity to be embedded under the auspices of  the United Nations as a main driver for inclusive, fair, and educational development for all  young people. With this opportunity we can take part in the global scene of esports, gaming,  and human prosperity. 

We are on our way lets expand our Good Games all over the globe! We are looking  forward to meeting again for our next event very soon! 



Brussels – Belgium 

Ambassador Dho Young Shim 


IEC HQ GLOBAL Brussels – Belgium MEP Elena Kountoura